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Digital Finance

ChamEye.Digital supports CFOs to advance the digital transformation of their Finance organization.

Our objective is sustainable value creation through better, faster and more data-based decisions supported by Advanced Analytics.

Our consulting approach is "inside out": We find the solutions suitable for your unique business circumstances, in a cost and resource efficient way.


of CFOs say: "Now is the time to invest into the transformation towards a modern Finance Organization."



of digital transformation projects are not successful.

The projects rarely fail because of their technological complexity,
but due to inadequate strategic and organizational preparations and insufficiently orchestrated implementation.

ChamEye.Digital supports CFOs who want to set the right course from the start to deliver breakthrough results with finance digitalization.

ChamEye.Digital supports the following Success Factors



Understand status, opportunities and gaps



Plan what you aspire to achieve and how



Leverage the knowledge across your organization


Results Metrics
(OKR, KPI...)

Ensure you measure what you intend to achieve



Respond flexibly to new circumstances



Grow your team to master the new environment

Why should you work with ChamEye.Digital?

ChamEye.Digital is a spin-off of PIC (Performance Improvement Consulting), one of the leading consultancies focused on Finance Business Partnering in Germany. The spin-off is a response to the growing demand for support with digital transformation and agile finance work.
Just like PIC, ChamEye.Digital only works with consultants who are experienced leaders of finance organizations.
The ChamEye.Digital partners have successfully implemented transformation projects - either in CFO roles or as consultants - in a wide range of companies, e.g.

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ChamEye.Digital works in strategic partnerships with consulting companies that specialize in the technological implementation of digitalization.

Start with the ChamEye.Digital Status Assessment

The assessment clarifies how well your organization is set up for the role as value creator and competent partner to your business leadership team. Based on external benchmarks ChamEye.Digital will help you to identify which changes will drive the biggest value, both short-term and long-term.
Subsequently, you decide if and how you want to embark on your digitalization journey together with ChamEye.Digital.

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What does "ChamEye" stand for?


For millions of years, the chameleon has survived in dangerous environments due to its adaptability and unique vision. Its eyes allow for an almost 360 degree arc of vision and can magnify things in very sharp detail up to half a mile away.

In todays markets, companies that are best equipped to see and understand risks and act flexibly on emerging trends will be the ones to succeed and survive.

Digital solutions allow CFOs to effectively analyze and interpret past results. In addition, they enable the simulation of real-time scenarios and the cross-referencing of financial results with customer and market data. This is a major advantage for effective strategy development, operative planning and value-based influencing of other functions.


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